We Are Very Green

We take great pride in being a eco-property including having several different solar technology arrays on our property. Our first is a large solar hot water heating system on our roof facing the south. The vast majority of this properties hot water come from out three large solar panels. Our second is a solar space heating system, with five solar arrays that transfer 100 degree heat into the retreat into the property in the winter when the sun is shining.  To our knowledge, we were the first  property in Vermont to use solar space heating technology. We also use a very efficient wood pellet stove as a heat generater. Wood pellets generate  fewer carbon emmissions than either oil or a wood stove. Wood pellets are a form of renewable energy produced locally in Vermont. Next our ceilings have a insulation factor of 60 and our walls a insulation factor of 25……far greater than most structures in cold weather climates. We use energy saving light bulbs in every room, conduct a minimal waste recycling program and use earth-friendly cleaning supplies. Finally… guessed it…the owner drives a Toyota Prius …..and you likely know that story.


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